Collision is a cross-cultural event that aims to expose Japan’s underground music and culture to cities across the globe by curating lineups of Japanese artists and local artists from the city of choice. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the soft power relationship between the youth of Japan and the US pre and post 2020 Olympics for a truly global Japan. We have chosen New York City as our next destination.


September 8, 2017

LOt 45 – Stage 1, NYC

Collision Flyer

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Collision is a music and culture event that merges the craft of Japan with local businesses. It highlights the importance of the alliance between the US and Japan and provides a platform for creatives and entrepreneurs to form strong relationships. Our events are curated with the aim to explore components Japan that have yet to be exposed.


We partner with sponsors that believe in the mission of highlighting Japan’s profound cultural significance in the world today. Our partners are given a platform to connect with an invaluable network of millennial influencers.


Vendors will have exposure to millennial creatives and entrepreneurs with interests in art, music, culture, and philanthropy. We invite vendors with the intention of building new potential partnerships between contributing parties.


Artists who perform at Collision will have a direct connection to a network of professionals and creatives who have strong ties to Japan, the second largest market for the music industry worldwide. 


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